To provide the newest and most versatile fleet in the market. 

20'/40' Tandem Chassis 

40'/45' Tandem Chassis

20'/40'/45' Tri Axle Chassis (payload  20’ position up to 52,400lbs)

Carrier Undermount Gensets 

All of our chassis are fitted with PSI (automatic tire inflation system), Hub piloted wheels, new 11R22.5 Tubeless tires, LED lights and ABS 2S1M (4S2M on the Tri Axle chassis) 

Our 20'/40' chassis are also fitted with Aluminum wheels which helps reduce the tare weight. 

Our objective is to build a chassis that will eliminate most of the operational and logistic hurdles which enhance productivity, some of the benefits achieved and guaranteed by utilizing our equipment: 

 Fleet size reduction and better yard space utilization

Depending on the ratio of the volume of moves with regards to 20' 40' or 45' loads, we are sure that we can enhance utilization of your overall fleet by reducing your fleet by utilizing some of the 40'/45' and 20'/40' chassis. Some of our accounts are able to handle the same volume of moves utilizing extendable multi loading capacity units realizing a 30% reduction in the number of chassis by replacing the 20', 40' and 45 chassis.

In Service repairs

New chassis will give you at least 3 to 4 years’ worth of brakes wear, the PSI will reduce your tire replacement ratio drastically by eliminating any over or under inflation.  

Reefer dedicated chassis and gensets: We can supply a complete setup of brand new Undermount 2017 Carrier UG15 genset with 78-gallon diesel tank mounted and wired to a brand new 40'/45' chassis with front bolster reefer hook up. The peace of mind and efficiency of the setup should increase the turnaround terminal time by 1.5 to 2 hours per load as well as eliminate any cargo claims. 

Enhance driver and tractor utilization

The efficiency of having a multi size loading unit will increase your turn around time and number of bobtailing moves. 

Tri Axle

 Our state of the art Tri Axle chassis with low profile tires and heavy suspension can carry a full container size range (20' 40' or 45”) which eliminates downtime. Since the introduction of the new regulations enforcing tighter controls on weight declarations it is prudent to utilize Tri Axle chassis for overweight units. 

Over the road service / down time

Our PSI, radial tubeless tires and hub piloted wheels will eliminate maintenance related over the road service calls and will reduce the number of damage days per chassis and in effect will enhance overall fleet utilization.  

DOT and safety rating

A negative DOT rating can be financially and operationally expensive. Our new chassis with our enhanced spec. that was developed through our 30 years in the equipment supply chain will ensure a much improved rating by the DOT, which in turn will increase your overall safety rating and potentially reduce your liability insurance premium. We have clients that have saved a 40% premium reduction after utilizing our brand new chassis.